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April 4, 2015

Pogostemon helferi (Downoi)

Pogostemon helferi (Downoi)

Pogostemon helferi or Downoi in "Thai" which translates into English as “Little Star” is a beautiful plant of foreground aquarium, which under favourable growing conditions form a dense carpet of leaves dark green. Found originally in waterways of Thailand and Myanmar. The curly leaves and the form of leaf of different make stand out from the crowd of other plants of foreground and this fact, it creates an interesting variation and regeneration of aquarium plants.
Pogostemon helferi is probably the easiest foreground plant because it is not also light requiring that most other foreground plants; low - moderate lighting, the individual stem is simply a bit more long and the plant appears to be less compact. Try Pogostemon helferi with other such as Glossostigma or Hemianthus plants to create new and exciting color contrast in the aquarium.
Pogostemon helferi in Thailand

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